Tips For Cleaning Your Carpet

It is important that we don’t let our house become overrun with dirt and debris. When we get a package from Amazon or if we start to collect items, it is a good idea that we start to clean up and toss away debris on trash day. This will allow us to keep our homes looking nice on the surface, however beneath the surface where the dirt and hidden germs lie is where we need focus. To ensure that this is done correctly, commercial carpet cleaning near me in San Jose need to be employed.

Tip #1 – Clean regularly

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Ideally, we will want to brush up on our carpets regularly. A good amount of people tends to wait at least a month before they take the time out to clean. Even if it just means vacuuming once or twice per week, that is enough to get rid of all the big dirties and allow for some breathing room under the surface.

Tip #2 – Avoid using dry cleaning chemicals at home

It may be tempting to spend money on a carpet cleaner; however this is not your best bet. These cleaners can often times be stronger than what we need for our carpets and they don’t always allow for the type of solution that will suit them well. We are able to find cleaning solutions for our carpets online and in various stores.

Tip #3 – Deep clean your area rugs

Area rugs can be some of the messiest when it comes to grime and dirt being stuck onto them. We recommend that you try to deep clean these once every few months by taking them outside or into a well-ventilated area and cleaning them with a carpet cleaner.

Tip #4 – Clean your vacuum

It is important that we maintain our vacuum cleaners in proper working order to make sure that they are sucking up all of the dirt, debris and germs on our carpets. To do this, you will want to take out the bag or empty out the canister and give it a good cleaning with soap and water. To ensure that none of these germs are spreading from one area to another, try to keep your vacuum in one designated spot.